Rainbow Lodge

As part of my mission to eat Burrata cheese at all of these Houston restaurants, I decided to meet a good friend of mine, Paola, at Rainbow Lodge on Sunday for brunch (99 cent mimosas? yes, please). I had never been before, but had wanted to go for ages, so jumped at the opportunity to check it off the list. As I walked in, I felt like I had in fact been there before. I quickly remembered that I recognized the restaurant because I had seen it on photographer Taylor Lord’s blog. She shot a wedding there last year, and I loved every detail. In fact, little did I know at the time, but I would end up in the same Crepe de Chine BHLDN dress! I was grinning ear to ear when I pulled up the pictures again and saw that.

The food was incredible. The Heirloom Tomato Salad was heavenly – the Burrata cheese was perfect, as were the wonderfully affordable mimosas. The 100 year old cabin home turned into hunting-style restaurant is an amazing spot for Sunday brunch or date night. The views are amazing – windows all around. The vegetarian options are definitely limited, but that’s what I expected from an upscale game lodge eatery.















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2 Responses to “Rainbow Lodge”

  1. kikimac

    love the rainbow lodge! it was on my list of possible wedding venues. we went for easter brunch two years ago and it was awesome. i’ll have to try the tomato salad there! i had it at fleming’s on saturday! yum.

    • aileepetrovic

      Tomato salads are the best. Haven’t tried it at Flemings before though! So excited for your big day!! It’s getting so close now. xo


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