A Very Hoppy Easter

It is rare that Serbian Easter and Protestant Easter fall on the same day, since the former follow the Julian calendar versus the more common Gregorian calendar. Last year, Serbian Easter fell on the same day as my older sister’s wedding, so we weren’t able to go to Galveston to celebrate; however, this year we got to spend time with both families on the same day, which was so fun (and utterly exhausting).

The weather was absolutely amazing – super sunny, as evidenced by my very red shoulders today! We went to Sasha’s family’s church in Galveston (see pictures of a previous visit here), then headed to his mom’s beach house nearby for lunch and an Easter egg hunt with the kids. I love the excitement over finding eggs, and cannot wait to add Isla and Ana (Mila and Lazo’s sister who will be born one month after Isla) to the festivities. Around 3pm, we headed to Katy to celebrate with my family, where we found Easter baskets of our own. You can never be too old! We ate dinner, then headed home at 8pm after a long and exciting day. I love Easter so much, as it is the day to remember that Christ is risen and alive in us today (which reminds me of this song).






34 week bump! So excited to only have 44 days left!


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8 Responses to “A Very Hoppy Easter”

  1. Jae

    You don’t even look like you’re in your 34th week! Wish I’d be just like you when I get pregnant!

  2. KiKiMac

    so glad y’all got to celebrate with both families! we were on our own this year (no complaints – very relaxing!). you look gorgeous!


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